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Funny thing happened.

Was on the bus coming home, so put on the Kick-Ass soundtrack. Looked out the window and Omen started, the soundclip was on previously, and I seen The National Theatre of Scotland van xD

Now the writing's on a wall [sign on van said world without walls.]


Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

Star Wars. I've collected it since I was about 7 and it ranges from everything, figures, statues, everything! Though I've stopped with the 3 and 3/4 figures.
Also tend to collect Death Note stuff. But I've always collected things, so does my family. My grandfather in particular who collects militaria!

Writer's Block: Take me to your leader

If an alien ship were to land in your backyard and choose you as the earthly representative of humanity, what would you tell them about our world? Would you consider going back with them for a visit?

I'd tell them nothing but the truth. That all information about the world could be accessed through the internet. With their tech they'd be able to access EVERYTHING. Of course I'd go back with them :)

DVD Selling!!!

Right. Everything sold last time, what didn't was taken to eBayland. So now I have more to sell. And it's DVD's. Anime DVD's.

 All prices are listed in GBP BUT they are all negotiable! You can make offers! Prices do not include shipping. UK buyers are preferred but I ship WORLDWIDE! Any questions post here and I'll answer straight away! Now for what is being sold:

Death Note The ENTIRE SERIES! They're all R1 and perfect. Only watched once.But I'm going to be selling them individually, as like me, some may have picked up the odd few and not the rest. And my prices are negotiable so! Postage will be less for the more you buy.



Death Note Vol 1 - £3 [case is slightly damaged at the top. DVD is perfect.]

Death Note Vol 2 - £4

Death Note Vol 3 - £4

Death Note Vol 4 - SOLD!!

Death Note Vol 5 - £4

Death Note Vol 6 - £4

Death Note Vol 7 - SOLD!!

Death Note Vol 8 - SOLD!!

Death Note Vol 9 - SOLD!!


Last Exile 01 - First Move with Collectors Box - £5 [Box is in fair condition, except for the scratched corner at the back. If you don't want the box it's £4]

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Fullmetal Alchemist, Volume 1and 5 - £3 each. Both are R2.
Also have Volume 6 with the Tin for say £8. R2 again.

And Darker Than Black Volume 1-2 - £4 BRAND NEW AND SEALED. R2





New Selling Page!

Okay. Here we go again, this is everything I am currently selling at the moment. I want rid of the Death Note things [I've had them so long now xD], the Rebel Trooper I'm not too bothered about at the moment.

I'll list all the prices here first then put the pictures after.

Everything you see here is original. Nothing is a fake or a copy. The Nendo's were purchased straight from HLJ.

Petit Light Nendoroid: £10 [Box Opened to check] SOLD!
Petit Mello Nendoroid: £10 SOLD!
Jealous [Gelus] Gashapon figure: £3

Both Nendo's and the Trading figure are brand new in the boxes and unopened. The boxes were only opened to check the contents [as they are blind boxed] but the figures themselves are sealed in their plastic bags.

Shinigami King DVD Figure: £5 This doesn't have a box but is in great condition! Buy this and get Gelus free!

Sideshow Rebel Trooper: £50 Brand new in the box, completely unopened!

All prices are listed in GBP BUT they are all negotiable! You can make offers! Prices do not include shipping. UK buyers are preferred but I ship WORLDWIDE! Any questions post here and I'll answer straight away!

Now for the pics:

Light - £10: SOLD!!!

Mello - £10: SOLD!!!

Jealous [Gelus] Trading Figure - £3:

Shinigami King DVD Figure - £5:

Rebel Fleet Trooper - £50:
L on LJ


Few things for sale now.

Newest is the Light Petit Nendoroid. These are just realeased in Japan and I doubt they'll get a release here in the UK or in the USA apart from specialised shops.
£10. Completely brand new, just opened box to check.


Also have L File 15. SOLD!!!

Gelus - £5 Brand New in bag. Only opened bottom of box to check


Shinigami King DVD Figure - £5 No Box



Everything is offical releases. I will ship worldwide and I accept paypal :)


Got this for sale now, I think it's time to pass it on.

Asking Price is currently $60. I'm in the UK But I'll ship it worldwide for those wanting it. SOLD!!!


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Title: If Only It Were A Bad Dream...
Pairing/Characters: Misa, Light, Ryuk, Mikami and Kiyomi
Rating/Warnings: Childdeath, PG-13
Summary: The story of Misa in childbirth, along with thoughts on it and what happened during it.
Length: 1488
Author's Notes: Well I wasn't going to do this because I wasn't sure how. I took sort of the world created in [info]speaky_bean's Leaf which was downright awesome, and sort of shamelessly turned it on it's head I suppose. I disgraced it with this. Hopefully someone likes it. Since it's probably not a true remix, since it's based on the idea or the world, delete if neccessary :)

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Title: Young At Heart
Pairing/Characters: Watari and TeenL
Rating/Warnings: None
Summary: It's Watari's birthday.
Length: 1238
Author's Notes: Since I didn't do a remix, I thought I'd get this done quicker. L is supposed to be still slightly kiddish in this. Comment if you read.

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